From swift implementation to long-term management, Universit offers a range of services and support to ensure that you always make optimal use of the Universit Commerce Services Platform.

Universit commerce services platform

Integration services

Swiftly integrate Universit into your existing systems, together with us

Universit’s state-of-the-art integration technology makes it simple to integrate into your existing systems. We can integrate with any vendor platform, using data and operations mapping technology.

The Universit REST API is the foundation to integrate with existing back-end systems, including product information, partner relationship management, customer relationship and order management systems. It also enables web storefront and point-of-sale system integrations and leverages existing billing platforms.

We offer API documentation, training and customized integration development services.

Universit commerce services platform

Implementation services

Realize quick ROI with our maximum 90-day implementation process

A professional team of project managers, business/implementation consultants and integration specialists will link up with your project managers, key users and technical specialists to get the job done as quickly as possible.

During all projects, we use online collaboration, which allows all project members to share, review and update all project-related information.

Universit commerce services platform


Get up-to-the-minute training and certification at Universit Academy

The Universit Academy turns platform users into platform experts. We also offer continuing professional development (CPD) to keep acquired expertise up to date.

The Universit Academy offers both individual and group sessions. Training can be conducted online, at Universit Academy or at the site of your choice.

Universit commerce services platform


Find the answers you seek for the connections you need

From simple how-to questions to building custom integrations, you will always get expert answers from our skilled technical support team.

Our customer success managers, programs and webinars provide you with best practices, adoption strategies, recommendations, and more.

If you need a personalized support plan, we can appoint a dedicated team of experts, and ensure you get developer support, proactive monitoring and more. We will take all time-consuming tasks off your plate and allow you to fully focus on your business.