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The Universit Commerce Services Platform goes way beyond commerce. Developed especially for the IT & Telecom market, the platform addresses the specific needs of CSPs, (M)VNOs and Distributors. The platform is unique, because it focuses on supporting the sale of services and subscriptions. Of course, it also supports the sale of goods, which inevitably accompany those subscriptions.

The platform allows your channel partners to manage the entire lifecycle of services and offer support. It enables you to boost indirect sales. And most importantly, it provides a system to bundle and launch solutions including the services and goods that customers demand. With Universit, your indirect channel partners become market leaders.

Universit commerce services platform

Partner Relationship Management

Add and manage channel partners through a centralized partner relationship management system. Configure tiers, set up branding, measure performance and accelerate onboarding of new channel partners.

Manage content

Deliver the right value-rich content to the right partner, every time they visit your portal.

Measure performance

Get clear and intuitive visibility into all indirect sales activity.

Share administration tasks

Your resellers can share information with their teams and customers, invite colleagues to join, and update their own contact information. Your information will never be out of date.

Offer rebates & incentives

Integrated multi-channel communication tools ensure that all of your incentive participants are in tune with their specific goals and performance milestones.

Product Catalog Management

Consolidate product, content and pricing information.

Create new products

Quickly create new,  bundled products (with multiple dimensions), based on our built-in catalog of services and physical goods.

Consolidate product data

Consolidate product-related data and content, making it easily accessible and manageable.

Classify and categorize products

Classify and categorize products to support fast product selection.

Enable pricing configuration

Quickly set up and configure rate plans that correspond to your business model, offering any pricing combination: one-time, recurring or usage-based.

Universit commerce services platform
Universit commerce services platform


Create limitless opportunities for growth.

Launch campaigns and promotions

Quickly launch campaigns and promotions without technical

Offer personalized content
Allow personalized emails, offers, and product recommendations throughout every customer journey.

Configure, Price and Quote

Simplify challenging sales processes by automating configuration, pricing and quoting of complex (bundled) products that include both services and goods.

Enable integrated CRM capabilities

Allow resellers to manage CRM data on customers, including addresses, contacts, financial data, and more.

Activate guided selling

Use an intuitive product selector to enable sales reps to easily offer the right product.

Simplify product and pricing rules

Take the complexity out of the deal process with automatic price and product adjustments.

Iterate bundles, add-ons, editions

Speed is key. Capture more customers by iterating on pricing strategies such as bundles, add-ons, and editions.

Universit commerce services platform
Universit commerce services platform

Order Management

Make order processing across all channels quick and easy, include complex arrangements such as bulk ordering, order replenishment and multi-channel

Automate approval workflows

Don’t keep customers waiting. Fast-track the sales process with built-in approval flows.

Offer a view on goods and service availability

Don’t disappoint customers: show stock and services availability in real time.

Fulfill orders in a flash

Streamline sales order fulfillment with a powerful allocation engine to optimize and simplify purchase order orchestration. Intuitive user interface for business users helps to easily manage the fulfillment process.

Customer Management

Monetize and nurture your customer relationships.

Manage the subscription lifecycle

An average of 26 changes occur over the life of a subscription. In addition to new subscriptions, you can manage renewals, upgrades, downgrades, add-ons, and cancellations.

Improve the asset lifecycle

Gain near-real-time visibility into asset usage, better govern assets, extend the useful life of assets, improve return on assets and defer new purchases.

Get assisted support

Powerful account management tools give a single-page, 360-degree view of customers’ subscriptions, assets, employees, departments, entitlements, updates, renewals and other activities.

Utilize comprehensive self-service

An intuitive, on-demand self-service interface empowers customers to support and serve themselves.

Universit commerce services platform
Universit commerce services platform


Recurring, by usage, prorated, or in-arrears – it’s all automated.

Empower efffective billing

Recurring billing functionality helps you speed up billing operations without losing focus.

Enable prorations

A billing engine automatically calculates prorated charges and synchronizes with your billing system.

Enact co-terminations

Automatically align billing charges for subscriptions with different expiration/renewal dates.


Leverage legacy technology and quickly expand your portfolio based on off-the-shelf integrations and a state-of-the-art integration technology.

Develop the right solution

The Universit Commerce Services Platform offers more than 100 off-the-shelf integrations available with vendors of connectivity, software, hardware and lifecycle services.

Take control of current delivery systems

Leverage your current delivery systems for connectivity, software, hardware and lifecycle services using state-of-the-art integration technology based on JSON standards.

Ensure back-office integration

The platform includes REST APIs to integrate with your back-office applications, such as ERP, OM, CRM and warehouse management/logistics applications.

Universit commerce services platform