Want to know how it works? Find here more detailed descriptions about the Universit Commerce Services Platform swiftly integrating into your existing system and third-party platforms.

Service ordering and provisioning integration

Easily offer, sell, procure and provision cloud services, lifecycle services, content services and financial services. With our powerful, descriptive integration technology, we easily integrate with any customer and user onboarding, quote process, order workflow, delivery or lifecycle management capability. Other integration capabilities include product catalog synchronization, contract generation, categorization, bulk licensing, invoicing, payments and shipping integrations.

Universit commerce services platform
Universit commerce services platform

Asset management

The platform’s orchestration capabilities can easily be integrated with the platforms that manage the lifecycle of any type of asset, from mobile device management (MDM) solution to specialized asset management and IoT platforms. Many of our clients leverage these integrations to provision installation services (e.g. install/remove applications on a device), configure assets (e.g. security settings) and provide support, preventative and corrective maintenance services to their customer based on continuous information on every asset, user and the associated subscriptions.

Universit integration: a developer’s dream

Universit’s unique integration technology enables descriptive and data-driven integrations with our platform. You will realize hot-deployable integrations that are highly secure and guarantee resilience and compliance with privacy standards like FDPA, Wbp and GDPR. Capabilities include service orchestration, data transformations and extending our data model when needed. Universit’s integration technology supports a large variety of authentication models.

Universit commerce services platform
Universit commerce services platform

Back-office and storefront application integration

Universit offers a fully REST-based and documented set of APIs, enabling you to integrate sales data with Point-of-Sales systems, synchronize customer data with CRM, and integrate stock information and resource data with ERP and warehouse management applications. Easily integrate management information into any BI and data warehouse solution.