Universit provides unique integration technology and access to more than 100 off-the shelf integrations you can leverage to provide the all-in-one bundled solutions customers demand.
The platform allows easy integration with your legacy systems, to meet the demands of your indirect sales channels.

Universit commerce services platform

Automation at your fingertips

Automate and manage customer onboarding, sales processes, provisioning processes, catalog management and support in a single, integrated system.

The Universit MX Engine™ creates a direct connection between our platform, your systems, your portfolio and new services you want to add. MX connectors support the sale, provisioning and lifecycle management of services and goods. We offer more than 100 off-the-shelf connectors and we will together create new MX connectors in days.

A fully managed lifecycle

Especially when selling through indirect channels, digital commerce doesn’t end at the sale. Universit enables the management of the entire lifecycle of services and goods in a single platform. Whether it’s about your core services and goods, or your third-party portfolio, the entire lifecycle, from sales to ordering and from provision to management, is fully supported by the Universit Commerce Services Platform.

Universit commerce services platform
Universit commerce services platform

Integration to your systems made easy

The Universit REST API offers a swift and seamless way to integrate the Universit Commerce Services Platform into your existing systems. In fewer than 90 days, you can be ready to boost indirect sales and manage all your key relationships.