Commerce Services Platform

Created exclusively to serve the IT and Telecom sector, the Universit Commerce Services Platform will help you boost indirect sales and offer the bundled solutions customers demand.

Exclusively for IT & Telecom

The Universit Commerce Services Platform was developed specifically for the IT & Telecom sector. This unique platform is dedicated to B2B Indirect Sales of connectivity, software, hardware and lifecycle services.

B2B indirect sales

SME & SOHO companies are searching for bundled solutions that include goods, services and support. They rely on channel partners who can act as trusted advisors, and can deliver and manage those solutions.

CSPs, (M)VNOs and Distributors want to make their portfolio available to their channel partners and to streamline and simplify order and provisioning processes. They want to increase channel partner loyalty and sales by providing a single platform that helps channel partners to sell and deliver services, goods & bundled solutions effectively.

All of these needs come together on the Universit Commerce Services Platform, with the end goal of meeting customer demand.

Customers demand bundled solutions that include connectivity, software, hardware and lifecycle services. Universit allows you to meet this demand, leveraging your Indirect Sales channels.

A complete solution

Partner relationship management

Universit offers you the opportunity to quickly launch new (bundled) solutions through your indirect channels. Configure tiers, deliver content, set up branding, measure performance and accelerate onboarding of new channel partners. Everything you need to manage your channels and enable them to sell the bundled solutions customers want.


Universit understands that the effective sale of subscriptions requires different processes than traditional, one-off transactions. The platform offers complete functionality to enable the sale and management of both services and goods. Automated provisioning, 360-degree subscription lifecycle management and alignment between proration, termination and billing gives your channels the tools to truly turn customers into subscribers, which will increase your recurring revenue.

Customer management

In addition to sales and ordering, the platform enables your channel partners to monetize and nurture their customer relationships with complete user, subscription lifecycle and asset management capabilities. This enables your channel partners to identify up- and cross-sell opportunities and offer effective customer support. The powerful customer management tools give a 360-degree view of every subscription, asset and user.

Universit commerce services platform

Leveraging legacy technology, combined with agility and speed of deployment, are crucial to your success.


Universit provides more than 100 off-the-shelf integrations with vendors of connectivity, software, hardware, and lifecycle services. Leverage your current delivery systems using state-of-the-art integration technology. And integrate your back-office applications, including ERP, order management (OM), CRM and warehouse management.

Fast time to market

Universit’s highly integrated, multitenant SaaS-based platform shortens time to market, with most implementations taking fewer than 90 days. The majority of Universit’s customers have implemented Universit’s software without using a third-party integrator.

A unique platform for your unique needs

Universit commerce services platform
Exclusively for IT & Telecom
Universit commerce services platform
Enables B2B Indirect Sales
Universit commerce services platform
Allows bundling of services and goods into solutions
Universit commerce services platform
Includes customer management

You put customers first
So do we

Nothing is more important to us than enabling the success of our clients. This commitment defines who we are and everything we do. It’s just one of the reasons why many industry leaders have entered into a partnership with Universit.