B2B IoT realisation

Create, sell and manage complete, industry-specific solutions that bundle M2M connectivity with software, hardware and lifecycle services. Build an IoT ecosystem based on your core portfolio.

Meeting customer demand requires offering the right solution. A solution based on M2M connectivity, but also including software, hardware and lifecycle services that, in many cases, will not be part of your portfolio. IoT will have a huge impact on the traditional B2B supply chain.
You and your channel partners will need to bundle M2M connectivity, software, hardware and lifecycle services into industry-specific solutions.

Universit offers a single platform that allows you to create, sell and manage solutions including M2M connectivity, software, hardware and lifecycle services. The platform provides the place for you and your channel partners to bundle goods and services into industry-specific solutions that meet customer demand.

Core benefits

Bundle goods and services

Universit allows you to build your own IoT ecosystem based on your core portfolio, and allows others to add their services and goods in order to build the industry-specific solutions customers want.

Leverage existing platforms

Leverage your existing platforms for ordering, activation and subscription management, using Universit integration technology. Your channel partners will be able to use a single platform to create, sell and manage solutions that include connectivity, software, hardware and lifecycle services.

Decrease cost-of-sales

Universit helps you reduce back-office costs by automating complicated IoT order fulfillment processes.

Go and grow quickly

Universit guarantees quick implementation (< 90 days), ensuring you will be agile and benefit from continuous and seamless innovations. Universit is available based on a subscription- and/or transaction-based licensing agreement that is tailored to your needs.

Universit commerce services platform

Important features

Partner relationship management

Add and manage your channel partners through a centralized partner relationship management platform. Configure tiers, set up branding, measure performance and accelerate onboarding of new channel partners.

Product catalog management

Consolidate product, content and pricing information.

Targeted marketing

Create limitless opportunities for growth by launching and distributing channel partner personalized campaigns, promotions and content.

Configure, price and quote

Simplify challenging indirect sales processes by automating configuration, pricing and quoting of complex (bundled) products that include both services and goods.

Order management

Make order processing across all channels quick and easy, include complex arrangements such as bulk ordering, order replenishment and multi-channel fulfillment.

Customer management

Enable channel partners to monetize and nurture customer relationships by offering full lifecycle management of assets and subscriptions.


Simplify your billing: recurring, by usage, prorated, or in-arrears – it’s all automated.


Ensure a quick time to market with standard integrations and state-of-the-art integration technology. Off-the-shelf integrations with many vendors enable you to immediately start creating your own ecosystem. Our integration technology is able to leverage your legacy technology: it will no longer hold you back.