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Digital workspace

Provide and manage devices, connectivity
and software through a single space.

Take control of the digital workspace

Universit is a platform for channel partners that allows you to provide and melt together devices, software and telecom connectivity.

Provide your business customers with digital workspaces tailored to their specific needs.

That you provide or employees bring to work.

Provide any mobile data and voice plan.

Create a mix of cloud services and virtualised legacy applications.

Lifecycle Services
Like 24×7 support, replace and repair, insurance, installation support, bill analysis and more.

You are already selling devices and connectivity.
Start selling applications and services as well.

Manage the digital workspace for any vertical or role.

A few examples

A role-based managed workspace for selling on the go, ultra-fast expense registration that is easily administered by the finance department and always secure access to CRM.

Construction & Infrastructure
A fully IT managed mobile and paperless workspace to work anywhere you are without employees resorting to installing their own apps.

A managed workspace for keeping track of shipments, tracking drivers and GPS routing on the go.

Companies providing the
digital workspace to their customers: