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Universit, the space
to drive your digital

Universit enables you and your channel partners, to market, sell, procure, deliver, provision and manage integrated solutions including devices, connectivity, software and services.

Create your solutions

Pick from multiple components like devices and accessories, call and data plans from any operator, cloud services and lifecycle services (e.g. financial services, replace & repair services) to build a unique solution.

Add your pricing structure and use built-in campaign tools to support outbound marketing.

Product catalog
Pick components like hardware, connectivity, software and services to create bundled products.

Use the built-in campaign tools to create outbound campaigns.

Enable the sales process

Manage prospects
Manage your customers and prospects
through the built-in CRM tools.

Generate quotes
Generate quotes with a few simple clicks, all white-labeled, containing your logo and branding.

Create sales orders
Create sales orders based on quotes with a single click, so you minimize time spent on manual tasks.

Procure your solutions

Procure hardware, connectivity, software and services from any third party
Automatically create purchase orders for hardware, connectivity, software and services based on sales orders.

Manage the lifecycle of procurement orders, align delivery and fully automate the exchange of information with suppliers using state-of-the-art integration technology based on open standards.

Manage your solutions

Manage assets, users, groups, subscriptions and related consumption data. From device policies to user/group profiles. From subscription creation, activation, renewal to cancellation. From raw consumption data to invoices all through a single pane of glass.

Analyze and learn

Get a grip on the usage of hardware, connectivity, software and services in order to  make better decisions when bringing new solutions to market. Generate the portfolio insights in order to strengthen your vendor relationships.

Enable the value flow

The MX (Management Extension) Engine handles the integration between any third party platform and Universit. The technology enables procurement, delivery, provisioning and lifecycle management of services and goods.

There are over 100 items available in our catalog.

Industry leaders have adopted Universit