Drive your digital transformation with the Universit platform

We are proud to announce our brand new story and website to you.

The world around us is changing rapidly, and in the past year, we ourselves have been going through rapid development and transformation to find out what is at the core of what we do.

What we have concluded, is that in a world that’s becoming more and more connected, providing integrated solutions is key. For telecom operators, distributors and their channel partners (MSPs) to leverage the opportunities of digital transformation, they will often need to go through a complex transition impacting their business and IT infrastructure.

That is where we come into play. Universit enables those companies to focus on their business while we take care of the rest.

Learn how you can create, distribute, manage and analyze different solutions (like digital workspaces, managed mobility, multi-play home solutions, etc) and the benefits for your business by visiting our new website.

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