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Managed Mobility

Plan, procure, provision, activate,
manage and support mobile devices,
networks and applications.

Unburden your customers’ mobile IT

Universit allows you as a channel partner to offer Managed Mobility Services and to fully take care of the IT outsourcing of hardware and devices, cloud solutions, lifecycle services and telecom connectivity.

Take care of your business customers with a unique MMS solution tailored to their specific needs.

Create a mix of devices, accessories, applications and services for users.

Devices, accessories and applications from your vendors.

Provision devices, users and your mix of services and applications.

Activate devices and users, set-up email and other device specific settings.

Keep devices, users, applications and settings up to date remotely.

Provide remote support and other lifecycle services to users.

Thirteen mobile devices are sold for every single desktop PC. Time to let those numbers work for you.

A single space
for all your mobility solutions

Universit gives you a single point of entry, making it incredibly easy to manage your mobility solutions. This also removes the hassle of dealing with multiple single-point solutions and portals.

Companies using Universit to provide
managed mobility to their customers: