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Enable your channels through virtual distribution

Strengthen your vendor relationships and
empower your channels to sell and manage real
solutions based on a mix of hardware,
connectivity, software and lifecycle services
using a single pane of glass.

Get ahead

Speed up go to market
Bundle services and goods into multiple solutions, without worrying about the technical implementation.

Improve vendor relations
Analyze the usage and life cycles of hardware, connectivity, software and services to showcase your added value and improve your relationships with your vendors.

Allow for specific solutions
Give your channel partners the single pane of glass they need to sell, procure and manage solutions based on what you offer and others since every portfolio has limits and channels don’t want multiple portals to do their business.

Improve customer satisfaction

Activate your channels
Universit is a multi-tier platform (distributor, channel, customer and end-user). Distributors can publish their solutions and allow their channel partners to add specific services or goods in order to provide their customers/end-users with the integrated solution they want using a single pane of glass.

Hassle-free ordering and procurement
Give your partners a single point of entry to order any of your services or goods, eliminating the hassle of using multiple buying portals.

Simplify solution management
Built-in integration for the automatic set-up, provisioning and management of hardware, connectivity, software and services.

We are committed to your success

Without our partners we are nothing, so it is in our best interest to help you get there by providing as much support and creating the best business case possible.

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